Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10 2009, good speed drill friday

well, so much for following the rule book, i went out for a 13k slow long run this afternoon, and it went well. stopped several times along the way to visit and feed duckies that are now scattered all over the ponds now that the ice has melted. the weather was cold (3 degrees) and rainy..

later on, i decided i wanted to do speed drills, so i went over to Kent's Pond and did 2 speed laps of 1.5k. there was still snow and ice on the trail, which slowed me down to a certain extent. i clocked in at 6.51 and then 7.19. about a minute slower than my peek times last year. which is not too bad considering my weight gain, hormones, and lack of speed training in recent months.. oh well, guess i got my work cut out for me now.. i'd love to set a PB in the 1.5k distance this year. there's gotta be something i can do faster now than before, huh??


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