Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 9, 2009 - set backs

well, the doctor decided that the wound hasn't healed up enough yet to warrant removal of the stitches. there's also a trace of infection going on there, so it's gonna be another few more days with stitches and some powerful anti-biotics, that will practically knock me out.. oh what fun.. lol

quite the emotional day overall. i took a drive up to both topsail and middle cove beaches, my fav summer spots. being there really brought back summer memories from 2007-08, both of my enjoyable times swimming and sun tanning, as well as the many runs to and from these beaches. i can only wonder how much more challenging it will be in 2009 to pack a 20 pound back pack and make the 40k run to and from topsail for the day.

it was also my 8th trip to the laser place to have my face lasered. i seem to have lost about 85% of my facial hair, which is great. but it also appears that the laser is not going to get it all, so i may be faced with several more dollars and hours to have this resolved via electrolysis.

i also had a long chat with my new boss at work. things have been quite challenging at work as both me and my colleagues deal with the struggles of getting used to my ever-evolving physical and emotional personna. the social learning curve of becoming Jennifer has definitely not been easy, and i know that we are all struggling with it.

i went out for a gentle 5k run tonight. i still plan to run every day as i continue to battle this infection, but i till be more gentle and careful to ensure i don't jolt the wound and risk opening it up.

looks like a cold and snowy weekend ahead. not quite sure what it will bring. hoping to get out for some short runs, and perhaps get over to the unviersity to watch the women's volleyball game. and definitely spend some time glued to the tv for NFL playoff Quarterfinal weekend! i smell some big upsets coming this way!


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