Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23, 2009 - International Star?

big day for me. i completed an e-interview with the World Out Games (
for a featured article that will be about me for their newsletter. this newsletter will coincide with the announcement of their new policy for creating a 3rd gender category for athletes (transsexuals or others) who for one reason or another, do not identify as or do not fit the official criteria for competing as a male or female. this is something i am really excited about.

the weather today was tough for running. freezing and mega windy. i managed to get in 5.4k. it is due to warm up a bit tomorrow so i hope to get in a long run. thinking of trying my first 42.2k training run of the year.

i broke my goggles the other day, or actually, they just fell apart. will have to buy a new pair at the pool. probably will go for a longer swim tomorrow and/or sunday.


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