Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 - Back in the Groove!

3 days in a row with a decent swim and over 10k of running. 13k today to be exact and a 2.5k swim. i'm starting to get a handle on what my strength and endurance levels are like. i've come to accept that i am literally starting over here with a clean slate. anything i did in 2008 is ancient history. a new year with new challenges. marathon running and swimming won't be the same, but it will be a great challenge to see how good i can get in this post-op era.

i've got 3 marathons to run in 3 different states/provinces an 8 day period in april, so i've definitely got something to train for. something that will get me to a level 5 with the infamous critera, something that i use as a guide to plan my next mega-endurance challenges! three gender categories, not to mention: male in Boston, female in Waterloo, and 'unclassified' in Charlottesville.

hoping to make this 10k or more per day, a habit. and hoping to get over to the pool 7 days a week starting on sunday.. let's see if i can get a swimming streak going, as well as a streak of 10k running per day or more!



Joss said...

Starting off from an extended break does sometimes feel like a fresh start. I definitely know the feeling as I'm getting back into my own running.

I take some comfort in the fact though that I have experience at least as a runner and that I have some wisdom to change things this time around.

Best of luck!

Jennifer McCreath said...

yah there's no substitute for experience. hope your comeback goes well. thanks for checking in and saying hello.