Saturday, January 24, 2009

January 24, 2009 - Marathon!!!

yikes, what a messy day for a run here. the temp fluctuated between -2 and +3. so i got it all, wind, rain, snow, ice pellets, slush, puddles.. totally soaked by the end of it.. i think my running gear weighted over 5 pounds with all that water in it!

well, i decided it was time to put an official stamp on my unofficial return from surgery recovery by doing a 42.2k training run today.. and the run went very very well. i faded a little bit around the 30k mark, so i took a 10 minute break and munched down a couple of power bars and a bottle of boost, and some gatorade, and that gave me what i needed to get back out there and finish up strong! (yikes, i think i consumed over 1000 calories in one shot there! but it worked!)

this marks a new beginning. i went at a reasonably slow pace, but as fast as i felt i could.

my quarter splits were 1.02 1.05 1.10 & 1.16 (not including break time), and that's a run through sidewalks covered with snow and ice! i slowed down a bit, as i usually do in the second halfs, but overall, i felt much stronger towards the end than i expected.

i had plenty in the tank to spare at the end, and the legs feel pretty good. no reason i couldn't go back out there tomorrow and do it all again! in fact, i just might!

i celebrated by having a nice bubble bath. really relaxing.. and now it's time for pizza.. and after that, i just might head back out there for a run over to see the duckies. why not make it an ultra day?


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