Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January 27, 2009 - stats of a different kind

this has nothing to do with running, but it's a very interesting statistic. since i love stats, i figured i'd share this with the world to read:

unfortunate news came today. i found out that i was one of two candidates recommended for a Government job for which i interviewed for a while back. but the Department elected to give the job to the other candidate. this is the second time this has happened to me in the past year..

Jennifer is now 0-6 in government job interviews, including 0-4 in Newfoundland Government job interviews.

make it 0-10 if you count the 4 promotions that were handed out to colleagues in my branch, for my current place of work over the past year, for which i wasn't even given a chance to compete for.

ironically enough, my former male self boasted a lifetime record of 5-1 in government job interviews..

also of note, i was 5-1 in government job interviews before i took up marathon running. i have since gone 0-6. not sure if there's a lesson in here somewhere..

anyway, i ran 10k yesterday and 11k today. also swam 1.6k today. might go out for a little more running tonight. very icy and slippery out there. i really wish the darn city would spend a few more dollars and plough the sidewalks properly.. it's very dangerous out there. people slip and fall on a regular basis.


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