Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009 - finally getting back in the groove!

hehe, i've begun to realize that visiting the duckies has become just as much of an important part of my life as running. i seem to be over at the pond at least twice a day lately.. it's really exciting that they seem to recognize me now. they have finally reached a comfort level where they eat bread right out of my hand and even let me hold them!

anyway, onto the running at hand. quite a busy day. 4k run to the doctors office this morning, then a series of short runs throughout the day. then a 10k run at night. 20k in total today!

i see my family doc tomorrow to get my stitches removed and i am hoping to get the all clear to proceed with running faster and harder. i am really going to take things seriously over the next few months to get as much weight off as possible and so i can enter the spring capable of taking on some major endurance challenges (thinking about trying to run 3 or even 4 marathons over 9 days)

hmm, we have a real problem here in the city of St. John's. the city doesn't feel the need to clear snow and ice off sidewalks. i had a nasty spill while running today and hyperextended yet another finger. i think i am going to follow up with legal authorities to find out what sort of obligations this city has in terms of keeping their sidewalks safe. sadly, it might take some law suits before the city takes snow clearing to a level of seriousness that i feel is needed.

gee, i'm quite talkative today.. lol


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