Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 17, 2009 - long run and long nap

well, i ventured out into cold windy snowy atmosphere yesterday and ran for about 2 hours. 17K in total. it felt pretty good. then i took a nice bath and then sat down for what was supposed to be a nap, but i ended up sleeping right into the night! guess the run took more out of me than i had thought. oh well, 16 hours of sleep later, and it's now Jan 18, and i am ready to start my day!



schwingsie said...

That's a long nap! Must have been nice. Looks like your body needed to do some major renovations, and hopefully you're good to go now.

Jennifer McCreath said...

i'm still in rather rough shape. i forced myself to get out for a couple of long runs today. but really had to struggle thru it..

ever since i had surgery, i seem to need more sleep. guess i gotta get used to it.. lol