Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 30, 31, 2009 - chasing the end

ah, nothing like the end of the month to try to put out a great effort. 9k yesterday and 25k today. was hoping to do 7.2k more than that so i could make it a 400k month. but oh well.392.8 is pretty darn good conidering i could barely move for the first week!

yesterday was a bunch of short runs. today featured a near 4 hour workout that included a run, a swim then a long run.. same familiar routes. with the same brief intermissions to visit all my favourite ponds and lakes, and yes the ducks, seagulls, pigeons, and the goose were all very happy to see me.

i also managed a 1k swim yesterday and a 2.5k swim today.. as well as taking some time to watch some varsity volleyball and basketball.

well, only 28 days in feb. gonna get a head start on km with another long run tomorrow!


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