Wednesday, September 18, 2013

McCreath will vote at City Hall Thursday Sept 19 at 10.30 am!

History will be made Thursday, September 19, at 10.30 am, out front of the steps of St. John's City Hall, when Deputy Mayor Candidate, Jennifer McCreath, will cast a ballot that contains her own name. Rather than wait for election day at then poll stations, Jennifer will take advantage of the advanced mail-in voting option, by placing her sealed ballot into the special drop box out front of City Hall steps.

While some have questioned Jennifer's motives for putting her name on the ballot, and while some have questioned her chances of winning this particular seat, given the apparent strength of her more-experienced opponent, Jennifer feels it is important for folks who don't traditionally fit the mold of politicians, to step forward and participate in democracy and demonstrate their interest and willingness to take on a leadership position in City governance and stewardship. "I am here to represent the working class. I think I can better relate to the majority of voters, given that I know what if feels like to be in their shoes. I know what it is like to live pay-cheque to pay-cheque; I know what it is like to try to walk on sidewalks covered in snow; I know what it is like to have to spend more than 33% of my income on housing," said McCreath.

While Jennifer has tried to down-play her transgender medical history, in her campaign, she is well aware that she is making history by even putting her name on the ballot, "In the history of Canada, nobody who has been open about their transgender medical history, has ever won a seat at any political level in Canada. In fact, I am only even aware of three other people in this country - all in Ontario, who have even put their name on a ballot," McCreath said. So many people from various oppressed minority groups, are struggling to survive. The last thing on their mind is putting their name on a ballot. "In addition to running for the reasons I have already stated in my platform, I'd like to think I am running on behalf of so many others who for whatever reason, feel unable to do so", said McCreath.

Jennifer encourages people who have not yet voted, to take a look at her website, to learn more about her skill-set and experiences, as well as her platform. Jennifer also invites members of the public, and members of the media, to visit City Hall tomorrow at 10.30 am, as well, to cast their votes.

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