Monday, September 23, 2013

McCreath Vows to Keep Snow off Sidewalks!

Sept. 23, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Deputy Mayor candidate, Jennifer McCreath, says she wants the City of St. John's to do a better job removing snow from sidewalks. While campaigning, she has spoken with many concerned residents who say not nearly enough sidewalks are cleared, and that many of the cleared ones, are not even cleared properly.

McCreath has lived in St. John's since 2007 and has never owned a car, and has spent more than her fair share of time trying to negotiated snow and ice-covered sidewalks. In addition to having sidewalks cleared, she also recognizes that some of the existing sidewalk snow-removal practices are ineffective, "I've never understood why they drive these huge bulldozers over the sidewalks, which actually presses the snow down and leaves a thick sheet of compressed snow, that often turns into ice, rather than clearing it properly," said McCreath.

McCreath says it is unacceptable to expect pedestrians to walk on busy roads, such as Prince Philip Drive, while sidewalks remain covered in snow for several days after snow has fallen, "as traffic levels increase in this city, the roads become more congested - and it is unreasonable and unsafe to expect pedestrians to share the road with vehicles. Other major cities have figured out how to properly remove snow from their sidewalks, and there is no reason why we can't do the same," said McCreath.

McCreath says she is also receiving complaints from citizens who say there are too many cars on the roads, and that steps need to be taken to make the city more accessible and friendly for bicycles and pedestrians. Ensuring that sidewalks are clear of snow, is a high priority, and one she says should not necessarily cost too much more taxpayer dollars to fix, "if we can replace these sidewalk bulldozers with proper snow plows, that will resolve a great percentage of the problem. Additional plows will be required, however, to ensure all sidewalks are plowed in a timely manner," said McCreath.

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