Monday, September 23, 2013

McCreath wants Election Signs banned from Public Property!

Sept 23, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Deputy Mayor candidate, Jennifer McCreath says that if elected, she will table a motion to amend the St. John's Sign By-law to eliminate election signs on public property. While campaigning, Jennifer has spoken with many concerned constituents who feel election signs on public property are a nuisance - especially those already placed in violation of existing sign by-laws.

McCreath acknowledges that many other cities do not allow election signs on public property and suggests that the true value of election signs would be demonstrable on private property, "a sign on private property demonstrates true support, while a sign on public property demonstrates ones ability to purchase signs," said McCreath.

Jennifer says the appearance of signs on public property ruin the beautiful image of this City, especially during summer tourist season, and also may cause traffic safety hazards, as many signs are placed in close proximity to intersections (placements that are already deemed illegal under existing signs act). McCreath also says she would like to see better enforcement of both existing, and her proposed amendments to the Sign Act. She is also concerned about the cost to the tax-payer, as the City is tasked with removing illegally-placed signs, "it is to my understanding that there are no new additional resources made available to the City for illegal sign-removal, during elections. This puts extra stress on existing City staff. I would like to limit the amount of illegal signs, and hence, limit the amount of additional work that is required by City staff, for this matter," said McCreath.

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