Wednesday, September 18, 2013

McCreath campaign low budget

CBC news did a story tonight on the insane amounts of money spent by some candidates, in their election advertising. Quite frankly, I find it very suspicious that some folks would spend upwards of $100000 for a job that pays $39000 per year.

In my case, thus far, I have done absolutely no fund-raising. The entire list of campaign expenses are being paid out of my own pocket - a pocket that is rather empty to start with, I might add.  Thus far, I have focused most of my campaign efforts on things that do not require money - such as sending press releases to main stream media, posting blogs and videos on line, being active in social media discussions on political issues, and making personal appearances at forums and public events.

Yes, I have spent a few dollars. I recognize the importance of having at least some election signs around town, so I purchased 100 election signs, for an approximate cost of $1000. I have also spent approx $800 on paper-based campaign literature.  I also spent $4 to register my website domain,

I also rented a car for the month at a cost of approx $1000, which is not technically just for the campaign, but is a necessity for one campaigning all over all 5 wards in this city.

I am also proud to say that all of my paper-based literature has been hand-delivered, either by me, or by one of my volunteers, and every single one has been hand-signed in ink - to demonstrate a personal touch. I have not gone the route of bulk photocopying and delivery via Canada Post.

I really hope that voters will take notice of these extra efforts being made by not just me, but other Candidates who are running small campaigns.  Votes should be earned based on platform, resume of experience, and personalities - and not just on one's ability to spend money!

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