Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Lisa" speaks out against McCreath getting bullied & trolled

Someone named Lisa X who has mixed opinions about my political platform, found herself standing up to bully and trolls who were being vicious towards me on twitter. She wrote a lengthy letter discussing the issues, and has allowed me the chance to publish portions of it here on my blog.

While I have generally tried to ignore the hecklers, the bullying takes it to a next level. and for these specific people - who claim to represent me as so-called LGBT community leaders, have proven that they are not leaders. They have also demonstrate that they have become the very types of enemies that they claim they are here to eliminate. It's great to see someone finally step up and call out this bullying for what it is - politically incorrect, cruel, and unnecessary... Thank you Lisa!!! What makes this even more unique, and what makes Lisa'sefforts more heroic, is that she had to call out her apparent friends and tell them to stop. She recognized her friends were being bullies and had to risk the friendships to tell them to stop. For that, Lisa, you are brave and deserve tons of respect and credibility. and quite frankly Lisa, i tried to be friends with those folks too, once upon a time, but it didn't take long for me to see their true colours.

Anyway, here's excerpts from her letter.

My Very Public Apology - Attention, Twitterverse:

Recently a very public bullying campaign began on social media towards Deputy Mayor Candidate Jennifer McCreath (@Jenn_McCreath). I have, on occasion, disagreed with some of her statements. I believe you can disagree with personal statements without it being an attack on a person, especially in regard to politics. EVERYONE is entitled to differing opinions, it's what makes the world so dynamic.

In an effort to maintain privacy and avoid any public bullying, I sent a friendly email to Jennifer to discuss some issues. Jennifer responded to me very kindly. I am not a Jennifer supporter, we have very different stances on many topics, HOWEVER, I truly appreciated her approachable demeanor and credit her maturity in that regard.

When one of my tweets questioning her opinions was RT'd as a "way to call her out" kind of tweet, I replied to all in that string saying that "@nlnewf @Susanne_GC @Jenn_McCreath I may have disagreed with some of her statements, but please don't include me in your bullying of her." I also followed that statement up with, "I don't endorse @Jenn_McCreath & and I may disagree with many of her statements, however, I fully disagree with ANY bullying of her #NotCool" & "Seeing the fake Twitter accounts created BY ADULTS to bully another adult is beyond immature & cruel. Don't vote for her, that's all. Ugh."

Anyone who follows Jenn on Twitter is very aware of the internet trolling she's endured and how cruel and obscene some of it has been.

To you, Jennifer McCreath, I am so sorry for what you're enduring. Despite our different viewpoints, you've inspired me in a lot of turning of the other cheek. The hate mail I have been getting makes me cry - you're stronger than I am. I may not always agree with you, but dammit, I can respect you. Good luck in your political race.

To those who my anti-bullying tweets offended: Please understand that I respect your opinions and feelings SO MUCH but I simply can't be a part of a public bullying scheme, regardless of how much I do, truly, care for you. I know our friendship is forever destroyed but if you take anything from this, know that I never meant to hurt you.

This is so long. I'm sure no one is even reading this but I still feel better knowing I said my heart and responded kindly and truthfully, in public, to those I hurt. Still doesn't change how much I've been hurt by the hate mail I've been getting but at least it's something.

Peace Out, Twitterati. Be kind to each other.

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