Thursday, September 19, 2013

McCreath says Ellsworth not fit for Office by refusing Debates!

Deputy Mayor Candidate Jennifer McCreath is quite concerned that Ron Ellsworth, the other Deputy Mayor candidate, failed to attend the Happy City All-Candidates Forum, and that he has allegedly refused to accept invitations to come onto CBC radio to discuss and debate the issues, when apparently invited by Radio Noon. Now, there is talks of the CBC Morning Show, seeking to bring both candidates on air for a discussion, and McCreath wants to do everything possible to make sure both candidates attend.

Some people have stated that Ron is a shoe-in to win this seat, given that Jennifer is a relative newcomer to Municipal politics, but Jennifer says that refusing to attend debates is a sign of either arrogance or fear, "If he really is as strong as a candidate that folks say he is, then he shouldn't have anything to hide or anything to be afraid of," says McCreath, who filed nomination papers on the last day of eligibility.  "By shying away from debates, he is not demonstrating leadership skills," she said.

While Ron initially indicated that anyone else on the ballot was a serious threat, he did not immediately have election signs erected in the City. It wasn't until after McCreath's stand-out performance at the Happy City event, that 'Vote Ellsworth' signs started appearing all over the city.

McCreath says that any serious candidate should welcome the opportunity to further pursue public engagement, by agreeing to discuss and debate the issues versus any and all opponents. She questions the sincerity and integrity of any candidate who seems to think they can fly under the radar without having to take the tough questions, "Ultimately, I think people want City Councilors who are not afraid to accept the spotlight or the microscope. They want people who are willing to demonstrate pro-active leadership in the form of taking the tough questions head on," said McCreath.

One of McCreath's primary platform pledges is to take steps to make City Council more transparent and accountable, and to take steps to improve public confidence in the political system. "We need every member of this City to take an interest and put forward their ideas. While 11 people will sit on this Council, the entire population needs to take ownership of their City, and Council has a responsibility to take steps to make it easier for people to get engaged and make meaningful contributions," said McCreath. "I will pledge to reply to every e-mail and every phone call, and I will meet in person with anyone that wants to talk face to face. I have nothing to hide and nothing to fear," she said.

To learn more about Jennifer and her platform, see VoteJennifer.Info

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