Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy City offers Rides to Poll Stations!

This came in from Happy City:

Hi Candidates!
As part of our effort to nudge turnout along this election season, we'll be offering rides on the 24th for anyone who needs to get down to their ward's polling location. We're guessing that there won't be a ton of demand, but we think it's important to offer the option.
So: Feel free to direct people to us on election day. An email to or a call to 709-763-5216 will fetch the Votemobile!
We imagine that some of you/your campaign teams might be offering a similar service - if you are, please let us know the details and contact info; it might make sense for us to refer people your way, especially if there is more demand than anticipated.
Josh Smee,
Chair, Happy City

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