Tuesday, September 10, 2013

McCreath challenges Ellsworth to a debate! 9/9/13

This is an open letter that was published on My facebook and Ron's facebook sites today. Given that the majore media only seems interested in Mayor candidates, i proposed that the two Deputy Mayor candidates get together to discuss the issues in front of a live audience.  Let's hope Ron agrees to do this!

"So let me come right out and suggest it. How bout myself and Ron Ellsworth engage in a discussion about the issues, in front of a room full of undecided voters. How bout it Ron? Wally Layman suggested i ask you for this. Even if we are on the same page for many issues, it will give voters a chance to compare our speaking styles and ideas... how bout it Ron?? i can do tomorrow night, wednesday afternoon, or friday night.... being totally serious here.. pls let me know! info@jennifermccreath.com 753-9529"


 #nlpoli #sjvotes

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