Monday, September 23, 2013

McCreath Reacts to Concern about Industrial Activities on Pepperell Road!

Sept. 23, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Deputy Mayor candidate, Jennifer McCreath, was recently contacted by concerned residents of the Pepperell Road neighbourhood, who raised concern about 'heavy industrial operations' that are apparently taking place in an area deemed limited to 'light' industrial work. The correspondence to McCreath indicated that the zoning approved for the area allows for "light industrial use associated with a retail or wholesale business."

McCreath was advised that D.F. Barnes Group of Companies is apparently using their Pepperell Road site for "full industrial operations - including the processing of heavy industry metal fabrication and repair (welding), rust and contaminated metal remediation (industrial sandblasting , coatings and paints) , and loading and unloading , storage , maintenance of large naval marine structures. In addition, sheet metal repair, including the pounding out of heavy gauge steel metal, is taking place."

McCreath was advised that the complainants had received communications from a City Council rep in September 2012, which "made it abundantly clear that these companies are in constant violation of the regulations". McCreath was advised that Council has been aware of these violations since 2008. McCreath was also advised that the violations of these regulations are cause for concern for the following reasons:

- The nuisances of noise, hammers pounding on steel from 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM seven days a week, violates the City noise by-law.
- Hazardous contaminated dust and particulate is produced by the sandblasting operations and air born plumes of the pollution are being inflicted into the Environmentally Valuable Area (EVA) of Lundrigan’s Marsh. - Noxious fumes from the industrial paint building (NewTech Coatings Ltd), is being dumped raw without any filtering into the atmosphere.
- This is unfair to the D.F. Barnes Group of Companies as they are making substantial investments in plant and equipment based on what they perceive as acceptable operating procedure.

While not an expert on the differences between light and heavy industrial work, and while not qualified to make a judgement statement on whether or not the above-cited by-laws are being violated, McCreath traveled to Pepperell Road on Friday Sept 20, 2013 and observed operations that included loud noises, the use of heavy machinery, and signs indicating that hard-hats were required in a fenced-off area. McCreath also took note of the close proximity of residential properties in the area.

McCreath vows, that if elected Deputy Mayor, she will look deeper into this issue. "It is critically important, for the integrity of our City, to ensure that Zoning by-Laws are enforced. When complaints from the public are filed, the City need to follow up on them in a timely manner. Furthermore, we need to ensure that residential neighbourhoods, and protected environmental areas, are not put at risk for unacceptable levels of pollution," said McCreath.

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