Monday, September 23, 2013

McCreath wants Public Transit Committee with Neighbours!

Sept 23, 2013 - For Immediate Release

Deputy Mayor candidate, Jennifer McCreath says the City of St. John's needs to take on a leadership role in organizing a regional public transit committee. McCreath says that while campaigning, she has taken several complaints from citizens who complain about increased traffic, increased dangerous driving, and lack of parking space down town. She says many citizens have also raised concern about Metrobus not being efficient.

McCreath says that an expanded and more efficient Metrobus system could significantly decrease the amount of cars coming in and out of downtown. She says many people who live in neighbouring towns, such as Paradise, Conception Bay South, and Torbay, have to travel to St. John's to work, and have no other way to get in town. McCreath says that if elected, she will reach out to neighbouring town councils to put together a committee that could look into a collaborative approach to expanding Metrobus services, and/or creating and providing other bus services in and out of St. John's, to these towns.

McCreath also says that she would like to see car-pool parking lots set up at the edges of town, with special express-bus services being set up to get people to key areas of the city, in a timely fashion, "we need a way to get people to core areas of the city, including downtown, MUN and the Malls, without having a huge influx of cars," she said. McCreath would like to see a program set up that would give people incentive to use these shuttle services, rather than drive their cars downtown. "There are only so many places to put cars. We have tried to build more and more parking spaces, but perhaps the time is now, to start looking at finding ways to have fewer cars, rather than additionally more parking spaces," said McCreath. "It might even make sense to make these shuttle buses free of charge, if it will help reduce the amount of cars coming into the city," said McCreath.

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