Wednesday, September 18, 2013

McCreath addresses Cycling Lane questions!

Here is a response I sent out to a recent question about cycling lanes in St. Johns:

Thanks for writing. Yes there is definitely a problem with too many cars on the road, and yes, I hope to push for better accessible space for pedestrians and cyclists. while i am not totally familiar with the existing plan, compared to other cities i have lived in, St. John's seems to be the least friendly for both cyclists and pedestrians. I'd definitely like to see more cyclist lanes created, such as the one recently created along side of Prince Philip Drive. I recognize that bike lanes might not be possible on all streets, specifically, the narrow ones, but i'd definitely like to work towards increasing the number that we have.

Wow, I was not aware that there was gravel on some of the bike lanes. Yes, it would be my hopes to beef up maintenance resources to ensure they are clean at all times.

Any other questions, please let me know. Would definitely appreciate the vote and will be working hard til election day to get support from those looking for any environmentally friendly approach to transportation.

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