Tuesday, September 24, 2013

McCreath plasters Confederation Building with election signs!

For Immediate Release - Tuesday Sept 24, 2013

McCreath plasters Confederation Building with election signs - and Vows to keep a close eye on the Provincial Government!

I don't write very many press releases in the first-person but i am going to do it with this one.

I have posted almost all of my election signs at the two entrances of the Confederation Building parking lots, as a symbolic message of one of my most important campaign issues: St. John's needs a Deputy Mayor who is able to develop a better working rapport with our Provincial Government; and at the same time, a Deputy Mayor who is politically-neutral and not afraid to stand up to the Provincial Government, and call them out, when they take actions that may not be in the best interest of our great City.

My concerns about some of the recent action of our Provincial Government, are well documented - including concerns I have raised over the past year regarding the budget cuts to the Department of Justice, the controversial amendment to our Access to Information act know as Bill 29, as well as concerns over the Government's refusal to allow the Public Utilities Board to conduct a proper assessment on the Muskrat Falls project. Also, the Provincial Government has a huge impact on all cities. The City of St. John's Act is a piece of Provincial legislation that controls how City Hall can operate.  

With so much on the line, I urge people to vote for me, Jennifer McCreath - a candidate you can count on to always listen to citizens and not fall prey to pressure or bullying from the Provincial  Government, or the Federal Government, for that matter.  A vote for me is not a vote to be Kathy Dunderdale's Puppet nor Stephen Harper's puppet.  

Finally, take a look at this! A Scope Article http://thescope.ca/city/yourcity/donations-by-numbers has a link to a list of donations to Ellsworth and O'Keefe. Take a close look folks!  I see many donations coming in from companies who have been known conservative supporters! 

Ironically enough, supporters of Mayor Dennis O'Keefe, raised concern about an apparent NDP take-over plan, for City Hall; however, my biggest fear right now is that an O'Keefe/Ellsworth partnership will essentially give Dunderdale the keys to the city!

Finally, you can guarantee that as Deputy Mayor, I will be there to work hard with the Mayor, yet I won't put up with any crap from them either! I am nobody's lackey!

C'mon St. John's! Get out there and vote McCreath for Deputy Mayor to ensure there won't be any silly takeovers of our City Hall.  My experience and education has prepared me for the role of Deputy Mayor my entire life. Learn more about my background and platform priorities at votejennifer.info

Jennifer McCreath

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