Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010 - a decent test!

well, i had a great sleep last night and decided to give it a go with a long run. i managed to survive 33.4k in a running time of 3 hr 35 min (which did not include a couple of refueling breaks). i got off to a slow start but managed to pick up speed and power as i went on. km 10-20 were ran at a rate of 6 minute kms, which would essentially put me right around where i was last year in Halifax, when i set my post-op personal best time. at 30k, the ligament out front and below the right knee started to give me problems, so i slowed down a bit, and eventually pulled the plug.

but given that i only made it 21.1k last week, i am extremely excited to have managed a 33.4k run today. the endurance was never an issue. if i can just figure out how to contain this knee (possibly by running slower), i am highly convinced that i can complete Boston.

but the knee issue could be a concern, as i will only then have 6 days to recover in time for a very hilly Big Sur. oh well, the next 48 hours should give me a good idea of exactly where the knee is at. after a nice bath and a 3 hour rest, it is already feeling better. h0pefully i can manage the hills to and from work this week!


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