Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010 - rare sick day

sore throat and dizzy head today. i could feel this coming on over the past few days. i decided this morning to stay home from work to sleep and rest up. only my 3rd sick day in 20 years! i called in sick once to my part time job at a hardware store that i had in 1990, then called in sick for 1 days with a brutal flu in march 2008. i guess my immune system has been weak as of late with my added running as well as my sleeping difficulties, and there have definitely been some sicknesses floating around the office at work. oh well, i feel better tonight so hopefully i can get back at it wednesday.

no running or swimming yesterday or today. i struggled to get outside and walk to the store for some cough drops this afternoon. it's too bad i had to spend most of the nice sunny day indoors resting in bed. oh well, it was for the best.


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