Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 - the good news

10 very strong k of running today, half of which was thru cold rain. not exactly great conditions, but hey, i have to get home somehow.. lol and the duckies are always extra excited to see me on rainy days because nobody else feeds them.

another exciting piece of news as i have been invited to speak on a panel discussion on homophobia in sport, at a high school. unfortunately, the event is out of town and it is not likely that i will attend in person, but i am hoping to join via pre-recorded video and via live teleconference. great that so many people out there want to hear my story.

finally, a free plug for some old friends in the music business who have released an awesome new album of original bluesy-rock tunes. they are the Red Hot Blazers from Toronto! be sure to check out some free downloadable tunes on their site!


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