Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010 - dreadful week but feeling better

wow, this respiratory infection has really drained my energy this week. no swimming at all and only 9k of running. but the good news is that it hasn't done any negative damage to my moods and attitudes. i am finally feeling better and plan to have a short run with Kim on saturday as well as a swim at the pool. if i feel up to it, i will plan to have a long-distance run on sunday morning, which will be considered the official final tune up for Boston. it will be my plan to attempt to run 3/4 of a marathon at boston pace.. if i am not feeling that good, i will make it a 3/4 marathon at LSD (long slow distance) pace.

i generally feel disappointed that i will be heading into Boston undertrained and underprepared physically, but life has thrown so many challenges at me, both mental and physical, so at least i can feel proud that i have managed life the best i can and that i will enter boston under the best possible conditions, given the circumstances. i just hope that i will somehow get it back together later this year so i can run a marathon that i know i am capable of and get myself requalified for boston in 2011, which will likely be my first official marathon after completing full sex reassignment surgery, which will be a very exciting milestone, and gives me some long term running and overall health and fitness goals to shoot for over the next 12 months.


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