Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010 - a plug for my upcoming public speech

- Jennifer McCreath's public speech at LBGT Mun's Health Forum
- Wednesday, March 31, 7 pm - 10 pm
- Centre for Music, Media and Place - Arts and Culture Centre

Jennifer McCreath is a local public figure best-known for advocating for human rights and access to health care, as well as helping society gain a better understanding, education, and awareness of transsexualism and the issues transsexuals face. She has been featured on NTV and CBC and VOCM news, as well as in Telegram and Scope newspapers. She's been a guest speaker at a variety of public events, addressing audiences including university students, St. John's PRIDE week festivities attendees, health care professionals, and politicians & government policy makers. She has also been a guest lecturer for a variety of courses at Memorial University. She also sits on Canada Blood Services' LGBTTQ Working Group.

Jennifer is an avid endurance athlete who takes health and fitness seriously. In addition to completing 19 Marathons since 2007, she has been a strong advocate for the acceptance and inclusion of LGBTQ people in sports. She penned and submitted a 'sex/gender inclusion policy' that was ultimately accepted and implemented by the World Outgames to create a 3rd sex category for trans athletes and others who self-identified outside of the binary male/female sex realm. She went on to compete in those same World Outgames in Copenhagen, Denmark in July 2009 and won 2 gold medals for her efforts in a marathon run and an endurance swimming event.

This panel discussion is one of a series of events being put on this week by LBGT-MUN as part of their Health Awareness Week. Jennifer McCreath will be one of the five featured panelists at tonight's event. Come here Jennifer speak about human rights discrimination and other flaws that exist within our province's health care system, and our local community's support system, with regards to transsexual women's ability to secure timely and affordable medically-necessary health care in our province.

Jennifer will detail everything from a flawed approach, a flawed piece of out-of-date legislation, a complete lack of direction and framework for going forward, and the deaf ears she has been met with when she has asked for help or made suggestions for improvement.

Jennifer will make recommendations for how the provincial system can be improved and steps that local community support entities can take to help ensure that our province adopts and adheres to global best practices.

This event is free of cost, and is open to the public. For more information, please visit LBGT Mun's facebook event site here:!/event.php?eid=10150152176180188&ref=ts

to publicly confirm your attendance, feel free to sign yourself up here on my facebook event site here:

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