Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 6, 2010 - week in review

well, the week got off to a good start but fizzled quickly. not even a nice sleep in this morning could prepare me to do very much, as my swim and runs were very lethargic and short.

02/28/10 sun 21.10
03/01/10 mon 10.00
03/02/10 tues 4.00
03/03/10 wed 5.00
03/04/10 thurs 9.00
03/05/10 fri 2.50
03/06/10 sat 2.50 (plus a 1.6k swim)

net 53.1 km run, 1.6k swim.

i suspect that the lack of sunlight may be playing a roll, as we had 7 days in a row of cold cloudy rainy days. i even had a rare nap this afternoon, where i actually fell asleep for 3 hours!

well, the rain is due to stop tomorrow morning so i am optimistic that i will feel up to a long run. with boston 6 weeks away, the next 4 weekends will be very critical in my training. i am hoping to have 4 really good long runs over the next month, and this should be good enough for me to be ready to complete the runs in boston and big sur.

a busy week with 2 more job interviews, several meetings with regards to my advocacy work for transsexuals, and a special piece of work that lead to the media covering a story about a local animal rescue shelter in need of donations and people willing to adopt animals (Animal Shelter news story.)


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