Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010 - busy week

wow, we had a nice bright warm sunny day here.. 5 degrees, which is warm for here! i managed to run to and from work, then ran an additional 10k in the early evening. it's great to see some more energy than last week. i might actually get 100k in this week, which would be a first since i started this new job.

very busy this week with lots on the go, including a couple of speeches to write for some big presentations ahead. i've also been piecing together some strategies for some more advocacy work that i will be pursuing in the near future for mostly myself, and indirectly, for other transsexuals. It's interesting that there seems to be lots of interest in helping the trans community here in Newfoundland, but their efforts seem specific to gender and they do not want to take action to help those in need of Sex Reassignment Surgeries. The most vulnerable people are being excluded from all this work that's going on, and it's time someone stood up and made a statement about this, and i am just the person to do just that! and i will!


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