Friday, March 19, 2010

March 19, 2010 - It's official. Retirement will have to wait!

well, exactly 1 month til Boston, and i felt really good after work today, amazingly enough, even after a 4k run home with my gym bag.. so i decided to give myself a serious test, and i passed with flying colours! i ran a half marathon at BQ pace on a rather hilly course. and it was an amazing run. quarter splits were almost exactly even: 29.00, 27.00, 28.15, 28.43 for a net of 1.52.58. the knees felt pretty good and i could have easily kept the pace up for a while longer, and gee was i tempted, but i decided to sign off and save myself for a strong LSD run on sunday.. this run today has given me renewed confidence that i still have what it takes to complete marathons within times that i will be satisfied with.. and with a little more effort this spring, there's even a good chance that i can get myself to the point where i can BQ in the summer or fall..

so it's official. the goal has been set. work hard this summer, run as many marathons as i feel i can afford to run (money is more of an issue than anything else, given the travel requirements to run marathons), and come early summer, i will try to pick a goal race to take a shot at a BQ. The Montreal Marathon in Sept might actually be an option, as it will give me an excuse to pay a visit to Dr. Pierre Brassard for a formal consultation in prep for what is almost certain to be a Sex Reassignment Surgery procedure with him in January 2011.

then, the real fun will be recovering from surgery in time for Boston 2011.. not sure if that will be feasible or not, but hey, why not set your goals high? i always have!


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