Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rogers Super SportsPack Canada, aka SportsPak - difficulties, problems, failures

i just thought i would publicly add my name to the list of frustrated customers who continue to experience problem after problem, week in and week out, while simply trying to relax and enjoy a few football games on tv!

one week it is picture pixilation. the next week, it's frozen screens, then it's no sound. then some days, the schedule is wrong, and games appear on different channels than advertised.. then sometimes, there are games on espn that aren't even covered on the program!

i agree that yes, the concept of this product is a great idea, but there appear to be many flaws that continue to be a problem year after year, and it seems complaining isn't leading to any change.. you'd think in 2009 that these folks would have a better grasp on the digital tv technology..

not sure if this is Rogers fault, or if this needs to be blamed on the American tv networks providing the feed, but for $40/month to Rogers, i'd like to think that after 5 years of problems, that they would have these sorted out by now..

i am going to think seriously about not renewing for next season unless i hear of significant improvements.


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