Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 23, 2009 - last minute shopping done!

well, i'm pretty much ready for christmas. it was another warm drizzly day here that melted off almost all of the snow. i managed to get over to the pool for an evening swim, which went fairly well. i swam 2.8k in an hour, which is a little slower than usual. this leaves me 24k short of my year end goal of swimming half as much as i did last year. not sure if i will get in the 24, but it's gonna be close enough.

just one week away from the new years resolution 5k run, which will represent the one year anniversary of my first running event for which i was formally registered as female. it's been an interesting year of running, as i have made much progress in terms of gaining acceptance and credibility among the various running organizations as a transwoman runner. it's just too bad that the quality of my running has suffered so much. but it is what it is, and i knew this would happen.


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