Thursday, December 24, 2009

December 24, 2009 - white christmas, perhaps?

well, the temp has dropped to -3 today and we have gotten some snow sprinkles. it's nice to have a little snow for christmas, just as long as we don't get a major storm! i had a lovely 4k run to the pond earlier this afternoon to give the duckies their christmas present (their customary daily dose of birdseed.. lol).

it's going to be a busy couple of days for me as i will be spending christmas with my new adopted family here in newfoundland. going to be some great fun with some great food!

then we will get down to some serious business to see if i can hit my adjusted annual goal of running 4000k and swimming 360k for the year. i still need 24k in the pool and 76.8k on the road. should be easy to attain the running totals but not likely to hit the swimming with the pool closed for the next 2 days. ...and then it will be the infamous jan 1/10 weigh-in, where i don't expect to see a number on the scale that will make me happy.. lol oh well, can't win them all!



nwtrunner said...

Hey Jennifer - 4000 km for the year??!! That's insane! I just went over 2000 km for the year a couple of days ago and one year (2003 I think) I was close to 3000 km, but I've never even contemplated trying to do 4000 km! Good for you :-) Hope that Christmas in Newfoundland is as nice as it is here in NWT right now. Will head out for my annual Christmas Day Run through all the streets of our small town in a couple of hours.

Jennifer McCreath said...

great to hear from you! hope it's not too cold way up there. have a great christmas run! it's definitely hard to believe i am at 4000k for the year, considering all the setbacks i have had. i was around 3600k last year, so it's about a 10% increase, which is consistent with training norms.. still not really sure what 2010 will bring. it's going to be one week at a time to start things off.. take care, Jenn