Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009 - clean teeth!

well, it was an early morning dental visit for me today. then a run home in the rain. nice to know that the teeth are in good shape. the knees are another story though.. lol

very windy day here, combined with 4 degrees temp actually has lead to most of our snow melting! Long pond had melted too and there were duckies swimming there. didn't think i'd see that until May or June!

i spent the rest of the day inside relaxing as i wasn't feeling too good. the early wake up call set me back a few hours sleep!

well, bowl game #4 is underway tonight, and my team is losing badly early on. hard to believe my #1 pick of Fresno State blew a lead and lost in overtime to the huge underdog Wyoming team. gee, hard to believe that i have essentially been eliminated from the pool in the very first game!

oh well, at least my pro football pics are better than those of dan marino, boomer esiason and mike ditka!


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