Saturday, December 26, 2009

December 26, 2009 - boxing bowl day!

wow, here's a really great story about a woman who has excelled in her job in what has, up til now, been a male-dominated profession, a football referee! a major congrats to Sarah for being, not only the first woman referee, but for apparently being one of the best ones too!

and wow, check out this video for a very inspirational story of a 12 yr old football fan who lost his site due to eye cancer..

the attitude of this kid is amazing! seeing something like this can make even me appreciate what i have in life...

anyway, it was a rather restful day for me as i continue to recover from a chaotic but amazingly awesome christmas. i had a light short run to the pond and over to friends for lunch, then a relaxing afternoon and evening of football on tv.


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