Friday, December 25, 2009

December 25, 2009 - Christmas morning run

wow, i was up at 4.30 am today to prepare for a 6 am run over to my best friend's house to help with christmas morning festivities, where her two young girls were extremely excited and fired up to see so many presents under the tree! i also played the role of video camera woman, and i managed to capture some great memories throughout the day. the food was excellent too, with turkey dinner for lunch and supper! i had some nice phone calls to my own family members who are celebrating in their hometowns on the mainland. i look forward to returning to the mainland in 2010 to visit soon!

well, it's currently warmer right now in St. John's Newfoundland Canada than it is in Nashville Tennessee, where the titans and chargers are battling it out on the gridiron in freezing temperatures, in the NFL christmas day classic, a great game so far featuring two teams jostling for playoff positioning.

well, my bowl pool has already become a disaster, with just a 3-3 start, which includes losses in the two games for which i was most confident in, and hence, ones which i assigned the most point totals too. oh well, it will still be fun to watch the remaining games.

i hope everyone reading this has an enjoyable holiday season...


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