Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010 - sluggish!

wow, i actually slept for 11 hours last night. Guess my body is still adjusting and recovering from a week of 6 hours per night. the day finally got going when i went out for a run to the store, and although the website said it was 0 degrees, it felt more like 6! way overdressed. the snow was really starting to melt, with street vents overflowing with water. later in the day, i fed the ducks and the goose, and then hit the pool for a sluggish 2.5k swim, then rounded out the day with a night run to another store, giving me 7.5k running today.

well, the superbowl turned out to be an ok game. at least it was competitive right to the end. Congrats to New Orleans for a great season and a great second half of this game. For Indy, they just fell asleep after a strong 10-0 start. sort of reminds me of how they handled regular season games 15 and 16.. guess they paid the ultimate price for 'resting' players. in the end, they gave up their momentum and couldn't really get it back. and to think they started 14-0, but finished 2-3. the critics will definitely be bashing them, as they deserve to be!

well, i'm looking forward to what i hope will be a good second week on the new job. there's still lots to learn and lots of new planning work to do as well, so it should be interesting. i hope i can survive the early wake ups and managed to save enough energy to get into the pool, at least some of the days this week!

10 weeks left til Boston, so i really need to make the most of the next 8, before heading into a 2 week taper.


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