Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010 - not a bad finish

well, today's run was better than yesterday. i ran 21.1k, the equivalent of a half marathon. a lovely run, mostly on snowy trails, through the city. as an added bonus, i stopped at quidi vidi lake to feed the goose, which is always fun! i was quite spent at the end, but it was an encouraging run, given that i ran 16k yesterday. i think there's much room for improvement, but i am confident that i can build upon this and have a series of endurance weekends over the next 6 weeks and get myself in shape to complete the 2 marathon runs in late april.

this gives me 205.9k on the month, and 477.5k on the year. only 20k in the pool this month, for a total of 52k on the year. but overall, these numbers aren't bad at all given that i have been adjusting to a new life schedule with this new job, as well as the continuing challenges of transition, which include the additional burden of dealing with depression.

i maintained my weight at 196 pounds, which remains 2 less than the 198 i saw when i stepped on the scale on Jan 1.

i'm really hoping the month ahead will be a good one, as i seem to have renewed interest and passion for sport and life in general, and i hope to re-establish myself into the things that matter the most to me.


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