Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010 - not really sure what to say

not in a very good mood tonight. not really liking my new routine. the long walk to and from work up and down those hilly st john's streets in-13 degree weather is not exactly my idea of a good time.. putting file folders in boxes for a living is not exactly what i had in mind when i graduated with a university degree almost 5 years ago, either..

and hmmmm, having to spend my lunch hours down at the polluted waterfront with tons of ugly street construction and abandoned buildings is no match for a lunch hour walk around a pond either. it's a shame how disgusting downtown St. John's has become.. and it's only going to get worse if Fortis is given the go-ahead to build these massive buildings that they have asked the city for permission to build. st john's downtown will literally become a permanent construction site.

oh well, i'm going to have to do my best to try to keep trying to find positive things about all of this.


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