Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010 - rest day, well sort of!

10k of hilly walking to and from work with a heavy bag seemed to be enough for me, as i was also struggling from lack of sleep. at least today went well at work and i am starting to get to know the business of the org, and get to know my co-workers better. so far, everyone seems totally comfortable working with me, a transperson. some are fascinated and want to learn about it, while others are probably too shy to comment.

feeding the ducks in the morning before work, and late afternoon after work, on the way, makes for a nice way to start and end my day. they must have been cold today. some of them literally had icicles frozen to their body, even one had one frozen on his beak!

i decided not to swim again today after work, as i just didn't feel i had enough energy to make it worth while. no running today either, just the long walks.. oh well, not a big issue, i will plan to stack my days off with long runs and/or long swims until i get up to speed and start getting mid week swims in.


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