Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010 - taking 'pride' in St. John's

A new leader has recently emerged from an unofficial entity known as "St. John's Pride." Today i had a chance to speak with this new leader and i am highly impressed with the person and her vision. Unlike prides of years passed, i am confident that this year will be much more than just a parade and a series of speeches from heterosexual politicians. i am eager and excited to re-establish myself as a prominent LGBT-identified member of society and as a member of the team of people who will steer and implement a pride week spectacular that will facilitate strong societal acceptance and understanding of the LGBT community and our unique needs.

here are my 20 visions for Pride, the entity!

it will be my personal goal to do whatever i can to see that these visions become reality:

- Pride is not just a parade, it is an organization of people with common goals and interest to come together and work together with each other and community leaders to implement positive change to society.

- It is a place to celebrate who we are, and to educate and advocate for acceptance and equality. a place where everyone will be welcomed and valued and nobody left out or censored

- A place where bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transsexual, transgender, transvestite, intersexed, two-spirited, and questioning people are equally as embraced, celebrated, and heard from as the gays and the lesbians

- Instead of a place for us to listen to politicians, it will be a place where politicians listen to us.

- A place where LGBT people big, small, old, young, rich, or poor, can all come together and feel like one big family

- a place for serious LGBT matters to be discussed with community leaders. Specifically, health care and human rights.

- a place where businesses will have a chance to show their support and gratitude for their LGBT clients

- a place where government policies will be opened up for public consultation

- a place where personal stories are told and new personal friendships and acquaintanceships are made

- a place where LGBT health professionals finally engage and listen to LGBT people discuss their wants and needs so they can really gain a clear understanding of what the gaps and inconsistencies are.

- a place where the Human Rights Commission and the Department of Justice personnel hear first-hand stories of discrimination against LGBT people

- a place where corporate entities, LGBT-friendly or otherwise, can come together to discuss our community.

- An organization that offers a safe haven for closeted people to come out, at least to a certain extent

- An organization that offers advice and guidance to LGBT people in need

- A place where straight allies can learn how to be the best allies possible

- A place where prominent members of the LGBT community are profiled and recognized for their work

- A place for LGBT people to make meaningful positive contributions to society.

- an organization that is transparent and accountable to all of its members and to the entire LGBT community

- an organization that has a mission statement, terms of reference, board of directors, and business plan

- an organization that works to ensure that the culture and spirit of the concept of ‘pride week’ are recognized, promoted, and celebrated in the City of St. John’s 365 days a year!

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