Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010 - strange day

well, i started the day with a nice long sleep-in, then went out for what was supposed to be a long run. came in after 12k for hydration purposes and within 10 minutes, the adrenaline had warn off and i was exhausted! i literally had to lie down for a nap for a few hours. it is very very rare for me to fall asleep during the day! but it seemed to help as i was rejuvenated and went back outside for another 4k, mostly because i wanted to get over to the pond to feed the ducks.. oh well, 16k of running is not a bad day, even though i wanted it to be a 25k day.

Well, it's been a great evening to watch Kevin Martin with the gold medal in curling, and even more exciting to see Joannie Rochette honoured with the first ever award named after the greatest runner in world history, the Terry Fox award. it's been great to follow the progress of the athletes, even though i have not had a chance to really watch much of the footage due to being busy at work.

well, i am hoping for a strong day tomorrow to end February on a good note. with only 16k today, i might give a long run another go tomorrow, but i'd also like to get in the pool for a long swim.. maybe an evening swim will be in the works.


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