Saturday, February 6, 2010

February 6, 2010 - cleaning up!

well, we got 50cm of snow yesterday. the city spent all day shoveling out their driveways, clearing streets, etc. the temp raised above freezing today so the roads were really slushy and puddles. not exactly ideal for a run, but the air was crisp and pure and i wanted to get in a run, so i went for a 12k. i had a stop at the ducks for a visit, and to Kim's for a visit too!

i had a nice sleep in today, after a week of getting up at 6.30 am. i was actually awake at 6.30 again this morning but it was nice to be able to go back to sleep. i am thinking about a long run at the track tomorrow morning, which will be followed by a late afternoon swim.

super bowl tomorrow as well, which should be a great game, for once!


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