Sunday, April 14, 2013

Stress & Anxiety reduces early April running stats

4/1/2013 mon 8.00
4/2/2013 tues 6.40
4/3/2013 wed 6.60
4/4/2013 thurs 4.00
4/5/2013 fri 4.00
4/6/2013 sat OFF
4/7/2013 sun 4.00
4/8/2013 mon 6.40
4/9/2013 tue 4.00
4/10/2013 wed off
4/11/2013 thu off
4/12/2013 fri 6.40
4/13/2013 sat 4.10

53.9k month so far

Mostly junk kilometres running to and from work or the store. the uncertainty of my employment situation, combined with a negative work environment in my outgoing job, lead to a very upsetting and stressful week. Getting good sleep was a challenge and I found myself often too exhausted to muster the strength to have a meaningful run. As I phase into a new job that requires strange shift work that will feature both 12 hour day and night shifts every week, I fear that my marathon training is likely to take a serious hit, forcing me to conserve energy and get additional sleep, on my days off. Oh well, one day at a time!

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