Sunday, April 28, 2013

another running update

4/14/2013 sun 2.50
4/15/2013 mon 17.70
4/16/2013 tues off
4/17/2013 wed off
4/18/2013 thu off
4/19/2013 fri 3.30
4/20/2013 sat 2.00

4/21/2013 sun 3.30
4/22/2013 mon 28.00
4/23/2013 tues 3.30
4/24/2013 wed 3.30
4/25/2013 thur 1.00
4/26/2013 fri 7.00
4/27/2013 sat 31.20

Well, adjusting to 12 hour shift work continues to be a struggle, especially given that i have both day and overnight shifts every week. Trying to get in short runs on days I don't have energy, and pushing extra hard to get in long runs on days that I do. Still managed to drop a few more pounds these last few weeks, so progress continues.

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Jozie Paleckova said...

You doing very well! You radiate positive happiness in your workplace and be liked and special. Habit of running is helping you with lowering stress. Even better if there is a healthy nutrition = NO packaged food, ALL home made. At least you don't need to struggle for now.