Wednesday, April 3, 2013

McCreath Dominates Typing Test!

Now that I have official notice that my position at Crown Attorneys office is being eliminated, I have started the process to invoke my 'bumping' rights. This is a process by which folks who have more seniority may bump less junior employees when lay offs occur.  While it is unlikely that I will be bumped over to a job identical to the one I had, there is a strong chance I will end up with an opportunity to bump someone at a slightly lower level.

I was given a strong indication that I am being considered for another spot today, as I was asked to provide proof of my typing credentials, by nature of taking a typing test. While I have never been employed directly in a role that required any particular level of typing speed or accuracy, I am pleased to announce that my test results demonstrated that my abilities are far above the benchmark expected in the typing industry.

I was advised that the job requirement was 45 words per minute with 95% accuracy; well, my test resulted in 64 words per minute with 97.5% accuracy - giving me what the tester said was 'one of the best results I have ever seen'.

It will be very interesting to see if I get a call tomorrow with a job offer! While the idea of being demoted to a typing clerk might not be ideal, I would welcome the opportunity to find myself in a new office, where I can meet new people, and make new positive impressions on them!


Steph said...

Hi Jennifer,

I am also living in St. John's, NL trying to get an official typing test done. Just wondering where you went to get this test?

Thanks so much!!


Jennifer McCreath said...

this test was organized by the provincial government's public service commission. i don't think they provide typing tests to the general public though, only people who have applied for government jobs... wouldn't hurt to contact them and see though..