Sunday, April 7, 2013

March 2nd half - Running Stats 2013

3/16/13 sat 20.00
3/17/13 sun 23.00
3/18/13 mon 12.50
3/19/13 tues off
3/20/13 wed 4.00
3/21/13 thu off
3/22/13 fri off
3/23/13 sat 19.50
3/24/2013 sun 4.00
3/25/2013 mon off
3/26/2013 tues 2.50
3/27/2013 wed 4.00
3/28/2013 thur 4.00
3/29/2013 fri 6.50
3/30/2013 sat 12.00
3/31/2013 sun 14.00

278.9 km month
465.7 km year to date

Well, the long weekend in the middle of the month produced three consecutive strong runs, perhaps my best 3 day running span since 2009. the final stretch of the month full of emotional stress and anxiety surrounding the much-reported situations i faced at work. Unfortunately, this cost me a few runs. But overall, March 2013 will go down in the history books for me - the best month of running since December 2009, and the best month of running while concurrently juggling full time employment, since March 2009.

I am now down a net 25 pounds and have logged close to 500K. I have made significant progress towards my primary goal of getting back into shape. As I look forward to a new career in a stressful environment, with 24/7 shift work being a possibility, I fear that this may bring my Boston 2014 dreams to an end, but I will continue to run as much as I am capable.

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