Sunday, April 7, 2013

Second Federal Political Party Backs McCreath's Potential Candidacy!

Well, I'm not sure if it is a sign or respect, desperation, or perhaps both, but in addition to the 2011 endorsement I received from the Animal Alliance Voters Party of Canada, I have now received official confirmation that the Rhinoceros Party of Canada would be thrilled to have me run as their candidate in the upcoming May 13, 2013 by-election for the riding of Labrador.

While in the end, I decided not to run in the 2011 Federal Election, and while it is only questionable if I will run in this upcoming Labrador election, I can't help but feel extremely flattered to have had both of these parties put their faith in me - a candidate who has a transsexual medical history.  Sadly, none of the three major political parties have ever run a candidate with a transsexual medical history, something I find sadly ironic, given how at least two of these parties have tabled supportive votes towards trans human rights legislation.

There are many pros and cons for me to run as a candidate in any election, regardless of how the party I represent may be doing in  the polls. Having trans presence in the political world is critically necessary, and has sadly, been lacking here all across Canada, save for one official run at office by a transwoman who ran in the most recent Ontario provincial election, in a losing effort.

What makes this Labrador opportunity interestingly unique, and potentially contentious, are that one, I do not live in the riding nor have I ever even been there, and two, the platform of the Rhinoceros Party is such that my association with them might prove to be a negative move for me, should I attempt to seek election with any other party, in the future.

But for now, I would like to formally thank both of these parties for taking that leap of faith and throwing their support behind me, knowing full well of the risks and stigma that may come with endorsing a trans candidate.  I have advised the Rhinos that I appreciate their endorsement, and I will give them an answer in the near future as to whether or not I will actually run.

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Jozie Paleckova said...

This would be great for getting your foot into politics. I would not invest any money into it however, as these are fringe parties. You also just changed jobs and that is strain on your resources. As I know you (huh?) for starters do it grassroots style with genuine honesty. I am afraid not enough time to get your edginess down a bit to appeal to wide variety of voters. Maybe just do it with minimal $$$ and next time you ready to sign in with major parties. You have years to get to know your strong but sweet,likeable, assertive and polite personality out in real world. As I said in start: careful not to overburden yourself and not to jeopardize your new job.