Wednesday, April 24, 2013

McCreath quoted on CBC NL Radio Noon Bumping topic 4/24/2013

CBC NL Radio Noon host Ramona Deering was interviewing NAPE president Carol Furlong, for a story about how the layoff 'bumping' process has affected the public service in terms of productivity and office culture morale.  One thing I have found very strange about the bumping process, was the placement of staff into rolls for which they may not have the right experience or skillset for.  In my case, I was bumped into a job that clearly had a job description that required exerience in call centre environments. My resume indicated none of this sort; however, I was placed into a call centre job!

While it is my goal to do my best to fit into my new job and do my best to overcome the learning curve and become a productive employee, I can't help but wonder how it benefits anyone to be placing people into rolls for which they may not be qualified for. It really makes me wonder just how much thought is put into these bumps.

One thing that has been totally lost in this process, is an  effort to demonstrate the human  side of things. Not once was I ever consulted or asked what my career goals were. I was simply plopped into a job that someone in the Human Resources office felt was a good fit.  Ultimately, there is significant risk here, as 1) I could find myself in a roll that I am not able to do, and 2) the organization may find themselves at risk by having someone do a job for which they are not qualified for. Ultimately, while I am going to make the best of a tough situation, I can't make any promises that I won't  take active measure to seek out alternate employment that will better fit my career goals and aspirations. Ultimately, my new employer has already lost someone they didn't want to lose, plus they have gained someone they never necessarily wanted, plus they have the added risk that I may leave before I even complete training, and they will be back to the drawing board.

I tweeted in the following, which was read on air today by Ramona:  i was bumped into a roll for which i have no experience, would never otherwise had even got a job interview!

On another note, today is pay day, and I see I was not give my final pay cheque for my last pay period with the Crown office, nor was I paid for my first pay period at my new job. Going to have to follow up on this.


Jerry said...

You spent the two weeks before the budget screeching on every social media that if the government wasn't going to respect her that she would work at a call centre or a retail job.

Now that you have a government call centre job you're complaining that she doesn't think she has the right experience or skillset? Having had a pretty good go working at a call centre I can tell you the only sort of experience or skill you need going in are the following:

-The ability to communicate via telephone.
-The ability to use a computer.
-A little bit of human decency.

I'm actually astonished that after 1200 people lost their job and you very nearly lost yours that you have not gained any sort of perspective, or be grateful to still have a job.

Jennifer McCreath said...

hi Jerry, i think you are missing my point of this blog post. this isn't about me or any other individuals. i wrote this to raise concern that there are organizational risks to not taking the bumping process seriously.

Jozie Paleckova said...

From neutral point of view: In official blog to raise concerns to general public problem, there should be almost no "I"'s. In official social and political concern the main words are "We" "Us" and "They". Now, count "I" , "self", "me" etc in just a three of your last blogs. Then you will see and understand how difficult it is to recognize your true intention as explained in your own comment 04/25/13,3:49. Folks do read all your blogs and no wonder they probably come to same conclusions as Jerry did. Frankly, he actually does have a good point and he wrote it very well.
Now to the problem of rotating staff positions in clerical government environment: Those are not a factory style positions constantly churning out same product to sell, but as governments are changing it's style anytime (post elections and perpetually) some positions are suddenly not needed and therefore domino effect of bumping occurs. We are fortunate that Unions actually don't have much say in this, otherwise we would have government offices full of high seniority employees claiming their rights and sitting on positions no longer needed. Yes you are actually very fortunate to still have a job and NOT be included in those thousand+ who has not.
About missing pay: those things happen in every organization for many reasons. To mention it on official blog is IMHO not appropriate, until you REALLY did not get paid (refusal, denial etc...) I am sure when you go to your payroll or follow procedure in place, they will figure out missing hours and you should get it next paycheque.