Friday, April 12, 2013

McCreath won't run for Rhinoceros Party in Labrador Election

What started out as an intended April Fools joke, turned into a potential reality, when my approach to the Rhinoceros Party was met with open arms last month. While I initially contacted they about collaborating on an April Fools Joke, they misread my communication and though I was serious about running as a candidate.  While this was initially not my intent, given their warm welcome, I changed my mind and gave serious consideration to running.

However, I have determined that it would not be in my best interests at this time, to run.  First of all, as someone who is seriously considering a run at St. John's City Council later this year, I fear that a run for a seat which I do not live in, for a party with a mandate of mocking the political process, would cause me more harm than good, in terms of further developing my credibility as a potential politician.  Secondly, given that I have landed a new job within the Provincial Public Service, I would be forced to resign in order to run in a Federal Election, due to Conflict of Interest rules.  Unfortunately, I am clearly not in a good enough financial situation to be able to afford the luxury of quitting my day job, to take a run at an election seat, which quite frankly, I have practically no chance of winning.

Ultimately, I am flattered to have been considered by the Rhinoceros Party and openly thank them for their consideration and trust in me.

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