Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lack of Job Security affect Marathon Budget - McCreath cancels Halifax Trip!

Further to my last blog which spoke about cutting back luxury spending, this blog is to raise awareness to the lack of job security currently placed on all temporary employees of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador's public service. The way the Collective Agreement with union NAPE, has been written, folks with less seniority can be 'bumped' by other employees. Even worse, they can be bumped out of their job with literally no notice.

While it is ironic that I am bumping someone else and will be starting a new short-term, indefinite temporary job on Thursday, at any given moment, I could be notified that I too am being bumped. I could literally start this new job on Thursday and be bumped out on Friday!  Not exactly the type of job security anyone really wants.

With this in mind, I am already starting to make drastic changes to my disposable income spending plans. I had intended to travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia next month to run in my 4th Halifax Bluenose Marathon in a span of 5 years, but sadly, this trip has to be cut. There's no way I can commit the cost of plane tickets, hotel, car rental, and race fees, when I could find myself unemployed on or before race day.

Yet another sad example of how those with no job security, must live day to day. Sad to think I spent all those years going to college and university so I wouldn't have to be stuck in a situation like this, but as I have learned only too well, when you have a transgender medical history, finding safe and secure employment that maximizes your earning potential, is next to impossible.


Eternally Dissatisified said...

This is really accurate. This is being fabricated by the government because they have no power over unions, and making people insecure in their employment is a good way to create "power over" other people.

This is not about budget, this is about power games. This is about power over the people by people elected by the same people.

This is something I hope you journal about actively, and I really hope that this topic gets lots of attention because it is a scary thing they're trying to build!!!!

Thank you for speaking!

Jennifer McCreath said...

we see Governments of all political stripes go through these motions: crate fake problems that don't really exist, then create fake solutions that solve these fake problems, then they can proclaim themselves geniuses who deserve your vote again!